Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A place I've visited

I talk about the place I've visited. I had lived in Yamaguchi seven years ago, so I know about here.  Especially, my favorite place in Yamaguchi is Thunosima. There are sea. The view is very beautiful. I want to show people who have ever seen.

 I had been to Taiwan in high school trip. There are many temple and shrine.I had been to Kyufun where was a model of Sento Chihirono Kamikakushi. This is great. And I watched it that troops marched along a street. It is famous in Taiwan. Then I ate many chinese foods. All foods are oily and spicy. But palatable. I could have many memories in this trip. 

 I had been to Korea three times. I like the place. Because clothes and accessories are very cheap. Every time, I bought many their. When I came back to japan, my suit-case was fulled with their.

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