Saturday, January 10, 2015


I went to BIGBANG, and iKON's live with my friends two days in Fukuoka. I was looking forward to going this live since three month ago. Therefore, I was excited the before day, so I could not sleep. The first day was very cold, and the wind was strong.  So, When we waited doors open, we shivered with cold. BIGBANG's fans are brash fashion. And, there are people who imitation of members. I took pictures with their.  When the live starts, I was so excited. I shouted large voice. This time made me happy.
Next day's seat was nearer than first day's seat. It was my first day having such the seat which near the stage. So, I could see the members with the naked eye. I enjoyed the time. BIGBANG and iKON are very cool, and good at dancing and singing. I was moved. This day's concert was over three hours. It seldom. So, I was happy. I could have good memories which I never forget. I want to go their live this year.
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