Sunday, April 13, 2014

about music

I have a lot of favorite places. Especially, I will introduce three places.
At first, I introduce about Yamaguchi. I had lived in there eight years ago. I spend there among the childhood, so there are my important memories. My favorite place in Yamaguchi is Thunosima. There are sea. The view is very beautiful. I want to show people who have ever seen.

Second, My favorite place is Taiwan. I had been to there in high school trip.There are many temple and shrine.I had been to Kyufun where was a model of Sento Chihirono Kamikakushi. This is great. And I watched it that troops marched along a street. It is famous in Taiwan. I could have good memories, so I like there.

Third, I like Korea. I like the best place. I had been to there six times. I went to there many times, but I do not bored. Korean downtown's view is great. I went to there a two month ago, and I will go to there in September. I think that I want to live in the future.
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