Wednesday, May 28, 2014

about last week

Thursday, I took classes at five period. After it, I went to theater. And I watched "FROZEN". I had wanted to watch it since this was released. So I was very excited. ORAFU is very cute. I am his fan:) And music is great. I take a fancy to it. The name is "Love is an open door". After I watched this, I listen to this music many times. I want to watch this movie at theater again.

Friday, I took only one class. After class, I went to school garden with my friends. There are many flowers. Misaki made flower's crown for our.  I can not make it. That is great and cute. I spend enjoyable time.

Saturday, I went to cafe with my friends. At first, We went to Korean restaurant. I was looking forward to going there a week ago. But the restaurant were closed. I was very shocked. Therefore, we went to cafe. I ate chicken and pan cake. They are delicious, but cheap. So, I was fulled. I think that I want to go Korean restaurant next!

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