Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eternity of Eternity of Eternity

I went to museum with my friend last week. The name is Eternity of Eternity of Eternity. In fact, I had been to there once, so I was twice.This artist is Yayoi Kusama. Do you know? She is very famous artist around the world. She likes dots. So,There are many dots, places, and unique drawings. So my eyes were stinging. I had some power for this exhibition. We jumped dots place, and took a lot of pictures. This place is very cute. We said that I want to live in this. I could have good memories.

After it, We went to Chinese noodle shop. We ate THUKEMEN. It is delicious.
I want to go here one more time.

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  1. Your essay have good sense! How often have you ever been to museums? It's good museum and It's great dots.