Thursday, November 6, 2014


Japan is the cradle of MOS BURGER. So, there are a lot of menus that suit Japanese palate. Only burger’s numbers of menus are more than 25. This is the most numerous in burger shop in Japan. And, new menus are on sale in every season. By comparison other burger’s shop, there is a big difference. It is that MOS BURGER is merchandising rice burger. This is famous for Japanese. And, this pleases Japanese, so rice burgers are famous for everyone in Japan. MOS BURGER’s prices are higher than other shops. So, for example, students who do not have money do not go very often. This may or not be a demerit for their. But, MOS BURGER is using flesh vegetables and meats. They are particular about organically produced vegetables and local production for local consumption. And, they lay out the goal that advertises good foods, relief, and safety for consumers. And MOS BURGER always purvey freshly made, and never make meals in advance. Therefore, we can eat newly made burgers, potatoes, fried chickens anytime and anywhere. These are good points. So, the price is higher than other shops, this might not be inevitable. Moreover, MOS BURGER is on sale onion fry. This is not other shop. The taste is awesome, so there are people who buy MOS BURGER to eat onion fly too. MOS BURGER’s service is so good. There are a lot of services. Drive through is of course, and 246 shops of MOS BURGER are doing delivery service now. It is good for people who cannot go outside and are busy. The most popular menu is MOS BURGER. This burger is in flesh tomato, juicy meat, cheese, and meat sauce. The second popular burger is mos cheese burger, and third is TERIYAKI JUICY CHICKEN burger. All of burger and other meals are delicious. So, MOS BURGER is loved by many people. 

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