Thursday, November 13, 2014

BR2-09: Weddings

This book is written about weddings all over the world. I could know what I did not know many things. Especially, I was surprised about the origin of weddings. Egypt is origin of weddings. It started thousands of years ago. I could not imagine it. Japan and Asian countries of lucky color is red, and bad color is black. But other countries of lucky color is black. Therefore those countries people wear black clothes in weddings. Moreover when it is wedding, women tie the heads of a bride and groom in Thailand. It is a traditional ceremony in Thailand. And, there are wonderful weddings all over the world. For example, some couples get married under the sea, in the snow, and in the sky. They are so novelty. And I think that they must have had memory in their life. When I read this book, I think that every weddings cost a lot of money, but the day is so good day. And people will never forget the day. When you read this book, you will envy the weddings, and think it is awesome. So, I recommend this book. 
[188 words]
Lindop, Christine. (2011).WEDDINGS, Oxford England: Oxford University Press,

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