Monday, November 3, 2014

BR2-07: Seasons and Celebrations

This book is written about a lot of celebrations all over the world. Only Halloween and Christmas are famous in Japan. And, everyone know, enjoy their. When I read this book, Japanese do not know their truth origins and what to do in the day, I think. In Japan, almost women make chocolates, and give it for men Valentine's day. But, in fact, men send cards for women who he loves. And,many of people go out to restaurants for the evening. I think why so different between Japan and other countries. I could know for the first time about it that Easter is the most important festival in the church year. This is not famous in Japan. When I read this book, I could read a lot of celebrations all over the world for the first time. So, I recommend this book.

[142 words]
Maguire, Jackie. (2008).Seasons and Celebrations. Oxford England: Oxford University Press,

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