Sunday, June 15, 2014

My cousin and the World Cup

I have two cousins. One is third year high school student girl, the other one is a first year high school student boy. Everyone gets on well.  My mother says, 'Me and her are resemble!' But, I do not think it.

This week, my girl cousin came to stay my home. We met for a long time. We went to Karaoke. We have a lot in common. So, when we are singing, we have a fun with us. After it, we went to exhibition in downtown. It is great. Then, we went to shopping, my cousin bought many things. I wanted shoes. But, It was not shoes which I want. When we came back home, my mother cooked delicious foods for us. My stomach was full. We did dubbing of FROZEN at night. It is very fun for us. We laughed out loud.

Next day, we got up at nine o'clock. There was an unmissable soccer game on Sunday. It is the World Cup. We cheered. Honda made a goal the half of the game. But Japan team had two goals made the last half. And, Japan lost a game. We are very shocked, and shouted. I hope the next game wins!

I could spend a nice holiday. I am looking forward to meeting her next.

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