Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Korean streets

I love South Korea. I went to here many times. When I was nine years, I had been to here for the first time. I like all of South Korea.

Korean streets are differ from Japan. There are many booths that are clothes, shoes, accessories and foods anywhere. I am very excited. All of street are busy. When I go to Korea, I always go Myeong-dong downtown. This left picture is Myeong-dong's entrance. Myyeong-don's shops are cheap. So I always buy many things here. There are a lot of people who can speak Japanese. So It is relief. During I stay in Korea at all time, I do shopping.

Recently, I often go to Hongik downtown. Here is called that young men's downtown. So there are many people who are high school students and college students. Then There are many clubs. But I do not go it. When I am twenty years, I want to go it in Hongik. This street often appear Korean Dramas. So here is famous.

This two streets are my favorite streets in South Korea

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