Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Essay 2-01a: My second hometown in Yamaguchi prefecture

I have a lot of favorite places. In particular, I like Yamaguchi prefecture, because I lived there eight years ago. 

I went to junior high school in there. So, I have many old friends. I go to here to meet their once in a year. Meeting their is fun of me. I like the best. Living in Yamaguchi was very fun for me. Yamaguchi have plenty of natural environments. In other words, there is the countryside. But, I think that it is good point in Yamaguchi prefecture. I always played outside with my friends. So, I often was covered with mud.  And, I often went to fishing with my father. Then, Snow falls in winter. We had 40 centimeter of snow. I could not walk. There are a lot of icicles. I ate it, very excited. Those happy days are special memory in my life. Moreover, I like Yamaguchi's dialect. I think that it is very charming. Kumamoto's dialect and Yamaguchi's dialect are different. I cannot use it now. So, I miss it.

Yamaguchi is famous for fresh fish. Especially, a globefish is famous. It is very delicious. And, Kawarasoba is famous too. This is green noodle, eggs, and beef, taste is so good. I like it so much. I often cook it at home in Kumamoto. There are beautiful seas, and water is very clear. When summer comes, I go to there in every year. THUNOSHIMA is my favorite sea in Yamaguchi prefecture. I heard that this place third the most beautiful view in the world, so here is famous in Japan. Therefore, everyone may know. The sea is fulled with people in summer. If we go there, we could feel good wind, and see nice view. But, this sea’s waves are rough. So, it is little danger. When I go to here, I can relax and calm. This place makes me happy. And there are a lot of my precious memories. So, here is my lovely place. I like going there in winter too. Water color changes in winter. It is emerald green like an aurora. It is so beautiful. Summer’s view and winter’s view completely different. So, we can enjoy every season, I think.

My dream is living here again. I will work there after I graduate college. I am looking forward to living there.

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  1. I went to Yamaguchi last month. It is good place. Which is your favorite restaurant in Yamaguchi?

  2. I've never been to Yamaguchi, and I don't know it is famous nature. I want to go there!

  3. I want to go Yamaguchi because I haven't been Yamaguchi.

  4. I have never been to Yamaguchi. So I want to go there someday. I think that your dream is so nice.

  5. I didn't know about Yamaguchi's famous food and place and climate and dialect. I became I want to go to there. What is your most favorite thing in Yamaguchi?

  6. I didn't know that you have lived in Yamaguchi. I never been to Yamaguchi,so I want to go there.