Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Summer vacation in Fukuoka

I went to Fukuoka with my friend in september 6. Because I went to Namie Amuro's live. I went to it for the first time. I was excited the day before. I often listen to her song, when I go to school. I like her song which she wrote her emotion.  I identify myself with her. Especially, I like "Get myself back", "contrail", "and Big Boys Cry “,” Love story".

 At first, we stood in line for buying goods. I bought towel. And, we came in the hall. After 15 minutes, the live started. I was very excited. I shoot out "Amuro-chan". She is very cute, and slender. And, I listened to pay attention to naked voice. I was so moved that I got goose bumps. I really enjoyed the live. 

After we came back Kumamoto the day, we went to Karaoke. We sang Amuro Namie's song throughout the night. We whoop it up.

The two days was very fun for me. I could have good memory in this summer vacation. I want to go her live again!
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