Monday, October 6, 2014

Summer vacation in Gifu prefecture

I went to Gifu prefecture with my family and my friend family in August. We went to there by car. There is so far from Kumamoto prefecture. In addition, we went to there O-ban. Therefore, That was major traffic jam. We departed midnight, and we had arrived ten hours ago. It was so hard for us. My father was driving ever since we departed. When we arrived in Gifu prefecture, I met old friends that I had not seen for ten years. I was nervous. Because we met for a long time. Gradually, we approached distance. We talked about ten years of many things. I could eat local dishes. Gife prefecture is famous for Tebasaki, Morning,   And, we went to many places for sightseeing in Gife prefecture next day. But, the day was rained heavily. This became a news. We should come back home. So, we could not go anywhere in Gifu prefecture. I felt regret. Last day, we went to Nagoya. I did shopping. Nagoya is the big city. There are a lot of fashionable people, shops, and restaurants. I envy their. When I did shopping, we separated. We promised that we meet again soon. I could have memories. I think that If I went to there next time, It would be sunny. Next time, I want to sightseeing in Gifu prefecture.

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